Crochet Coral


It is so still and calm outside this evening. The sunshine earlier was accompanied by some spectacular rain which led to some wonderful rainbows. Now this has cleared and the air is fresh and still. The sky is such a beautiful colour and the clouds are gentle and fluffy, not ominous.


It’s calm inside too. I’ve had a lovely relaxed, friend filled day with the little man providing the entertainment. A few too many cookies, a bit too much dip, lots and lots of natter. All good.

Notice that rather impressive bunch of flowers? It was a gift from my wonderful husband last week. So many lillies! I decanted them into a variety of vases that are dotted throughout the house and their heady scent now fills the air. It greets me in the morning and reminds me how lucky I am.


Not a brilliant photo but this is the view in front of me right now and it is making me smile. It conveys warmth and cosiness and contentment. I love our house. It is small and frequently messy and there are 101 jobs on the to-do list but it is our home and we are happy here.


Anyway, I believe I promised to share the exciting surprise that I found lurking within this building so I shall keep you waiting no longer!


This rather superb glasshouse is the ‘Sheffield Winter Garden’. It houses a wonderful array of plants from around the world.


This one looked like a firework exploding! I felt like I was in a rainforest surrounded by these tropical plants. It is so tranquil (I seem to be seeking a bit of peace at the moment. It appears to be a recurring theme!).


There are various pieces of artwork hidden within the greenery. Little man was transfixed watching the leaves rustle above him whilst I sat and listened to the water trickle into the pool.


The Winter Garden is connected to another Sheffield landmark – The Millennium Gallery. Divided into four sections the gallery showcases the metalwork that the city is famous for. The Cutlery Monster stands pride of place in the centre of the rather marvellous gift shop. Have a look at it close up:




And this stand was particularly hard to resist:


So pretty!

Finally I decided to take a quick peak in the ‘Craft and Design’ gallery and what do you think met my eyes?

Can you guess?

Okay, I’ll show you – tah dah!


A crochet coral reef! Isn’t it exquisite?! I could not stop gazing at it, marvelling at the hours of work that had gone into its creation.
Further reading led me to discover that this is actually the labour of many people as it is part of a larger ‘Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef’ project. Originating in LA, the initiative is intended to raise awareness of the destruction of marine habitats across the globe. Communities worldwide have been/are creating satellite reefs that are displayed in galleries to generate more awareness of the issues. For more information see here.


Edited to add missing picture!
I had to sneak these pictures so they are a bit rubbish but you can see some amazing examples online.
I would love to be part of a work of art like this and was delighted to find that they invited you to have a go at hooking up a piece of coral, even leaving a bucket of wool in the corner of the room. Unfortunately sticking out of the bucket were six knitting needles. It is not possible to crochet coral with a knitting needle, believe me I tried. I was less than impressed and recorded my disappointment in the visitors’ book.

I do not want to end on a sour note so I shall leave you with a picture of my favourite part of this masterpiece!



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4 responses to “Crochet Coral

  1. quilt32

    Once again, so many pretty things in your post. I was wondering about the towel that is hanging over the oven door on your picture with the lilies – and aren’t the lilies gorgeous!

    Very interesting to see the photos inside the building. The Winter Garden and Millennium Gallery are spectacular. Of course, the crochet coral reef is just amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I love the cutlery monster! The winter garden looks pretty interesting too, although the weather in Sheffield looks a bit less dismal than here and we’re not too far away! Hm…

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