Andrew Motion - If

This poem, written by the former poet laureate Andrew Motion, greets visitors to Sheffield. There is something enjoyable about leaving a station and being welcomed with verse.

I love Sheffield and enjoyed visiting again this weekend. However it was strange being back. Walking up the hill towards the centre (everything is on a hill) I felt like I was still at uni, being handed leaflets and surrounded by students. Oh, but this time I was pushing a buggy up the vertical incline!


The little man and I arrived before everyone else so we amused ourselves by taking a stroll.


I am always struck by the amount of art and sculpture around Sheffield. It seems to be the city of fountains!


There is something so relaxing about flowing water. The people disappear and it transports me to another place.


The old and the new seem to exist in harmony and nowhere is this demonstrated better than in the Peace Gardens.


I stood for ages staring at our shimmering reflection in these pleasingly spherical water features. So shiny, so beautiful.


This is one of three sculptures by Sheffield born George Fullard. There is something so striking and solid about this artwork yet it is so touching and human. I feel it harks back to the city’s industrial past, the old ‘City of Steel’ still present in the background but brought up to date in brilliant architecture like this:


Very much a city of contrasts.

I feel that this post has been a little random and bumbling but that is how I am feeling generally. It is strange to find oneself stumbling around in a permanent fog of tiredness, my mental faculties seem to be rather impaired at the moment. I do try my best to string words together in a coherent manner but do forgive any awkwardness. One day I shall sleep again and a newly eloquent blogger shall rise from the ashes, honestly!

For now though I shall sign off and tiptoe to my bed.


See that marvellous building on the left in the background? Next time we shall step inside and discover a surprise inside. It will be exciting. Come back tomorrow to discover what was hiding within! xxxx


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  1. quilt32

    Thank you for giving a view of Sheffield which I probably would never have seen otherwise. Looking forward to the surprise inside the building.

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