Train Travel


This is me now, snuggled in a train corridor, enjoying a steaming cup of tea and a delicious Shortbread and Mincemeat Slice, courtesy of my mother. All pretty cosy really.

I have decided to take this opportunity to try something new and post from my phone. No idea how it will turn out and there won’t be many photos as my mobile is bottom of the range with a mediocre camera but I shall try anyway! You see I still have limited access to a computer at the moment and therefore am getting behind with my blogging. I miss it. Life feels pretty full, photos, experiences, ideas are passing by and I want to record them here. So I am going to have a go, starting with this weekend.

So, ‘Where is those train taking you?’, I hear you cry. Well I am currently speeding northwards to England’s very own windy city, Sheffield. (Seriously, if you’ve never been, the centre is like one long wind tunnel). The weekend will be spent catching up with two friends from university and having a nosey around the area. Very excited!

My train is slowing now so I must gather little man and his multitude of bags. However, providing this works, I hope to be back later with an update of my travels. 🙂



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4 responses to “Train Travel

  1. Yep it worked…I am the same, have never worked out what to do with pics on camera, would never dare blog from it. Well done you! Happy Travels…and thank goodness for mum and cosy beautiful blankets! Fiona x

  2. quilt32

    How did you ever manage such a peaceful photo with Little Man around? Your mother’s mincemeat bar looks delicious and the afghan is beautiful.

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