A Day to Scream About

This post was written and ready to go on Friday evening, right down to the final photo. One hour later and the air was turning blue as I still battled to complete the final edit and publish without Wordpress freezing. Needless to say, I failed. A weekend of fun and frolicking has prevented a return visit but here we go, better late than never! I have not changed the wording as the words would not read true so for today, think Friday. 🙂

18:35 – Today. I was blown away looking out over the lake from 6.30 – 7.30 this evening. The light was incredible and so different to a couple of weeks ago. Summer is truly coming to an end and Autumn is moving in. In the space of one hour there was rain, sun, clouds and a rainbow. Just incredible – it was as if time was on fast forward and hours were speeding by, instead of minutes.

Anyway, hello all!

I am thrilled that there have been so many of you visiting Rosy Hill over the last week and am quite touched at the reaction to my hexagons. Thank you all so much. I hope you have enjoyed having a peek around and will visit again, you are very welcome! 🙂

‘Something to Scream About’ – Well, that is what the advertising claims and you know what? They’re right!

Tuesday was a special day. The Tesco tokens had been exchanged (I love these), hubby was off work and 6 of us arrived with anticipation at Drayton Manor, a theme park only 30 minutes north of my home. It is not the largest one, not on the scale of Alton Towers or the gigantic American versions, but it is a more relaxing, accessible, family-friendly day out. The queues are shorter, the tickets are cheaper and the distance between one side of the park and the other is easily walkable.

I say about the ticket prices but, like any such attraction, admission prices are astronomical, even though they’re 45% cheaper when booked in advance online. I did feel sorry for one gentleman who had arrived with his daughter and two young grandchildren. After investigating prices online and printing off the information, he had failed to actually book. I think I may have gone home rather than fork out two lots of £25 for 4-year-olds. Ouch. We had all cashed in Tesco tokens, therefore entering for free, and had packed lunches and flasks of tea with us – we know how to do theme parks without breaking the bank!

There is something so exciting about amusement parks, so exhilarating yet so relaxing. The screams and the metal cranking always seem to sit alongside beautiful greenery, flower beds and lakes.

The little man was fascinated as he watched daddy storm overhead on ‘G-Force’.

I am on there, Hehe!

I love a good roller coaster, but even more I love the fact that these are adjacent to the Victorian elegance of the Ferris Wheel and Carousel.

I say Victorian elegance because that is the era that I associate carousels with. However, the wonder that is Wikipedia assures me that there is a Byzantine image depicting baskets rotating around a pole from 500 AD. Who knew?!

What is not to love about this ride? Colourful horses, tinkly music, flashing lights – it reminds me at once of Summer and parasols, as in Mary Poppins, but also hot chocolate and chilly noses as there is always a carousel at the German Christmas Market in Birmingham. All sweet memories. And now I shall also remember it as the little man’s first ride:


Of course, Drayton Manor offers the usual tat to be found in such places. Arcade games and slot machines emitting neon lights and irritating noises. So many ways to lose another fiver with the hope that you may become the lucky owner of some grotesque representation of a cartoon character.


However I prefer to ignore this side of the outing and concentrate on the more pleasant aspects. This is considerably easier when visiting on a Tuesday in term time when the children are at school and the only delay to boarding a ride is how long it takes you to navigate the miles of stairs and corridors which would otherwise be full of tired, irritable people! As I stated though, Drayton Manor is not that bad even in high season but the opportunity to visit without the crowds was too good to pass up.

Bumper cars – such a great stress reliever! You can see me whizzing by in the yellow car in the centre!

I am running out of computer time now and hubby is glaring at me so I shall stop waffling and finish off quickly…

My favourite ride is always Apocalypse – the view from the top is incredible…

… and the drop exhilarating!

I attempted to capture the view from on high when I was aboard the Pirate Ship:

and this one:

and my personal favourite:

Oops! Didn’t quite go to plan.

And of course, no trip to a theme park would be complete without a box of fresh, sugared doughnuts:


Ah, what a great day. It was lovely to be outside in the fresh air – not exactly a walk in the countryside but I have more freckles now! I admit my faith in the day wavered as the rain started within 5 minutes of arrival but a fair proportion of it was bathed in sunlight. I shall leave you with a final photo that I snapped as we walked out of the park:



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4 responses to “A Day to Scream About

  1. quilt32

    Your pictures are all so beautiful. We have a major theme park within 10 minutes’ drive but I really prefer the smaller parks. Your park seems to have a little of something for everybody. Love the carousel and those little toes resting on the horse’s neck. The one thing our super-park doesn’t have is anything to compare to those sugar doughnuts. It’s so much fun to have a little one to take to places like this.

    • It is great. As he gets more aware it’s great to see how interested he is.
      The doughnuts are delicious – fresh as well, which really makes them. There was an interesting programme on recently about American women making thousands of doughnuts for troops in WW2 – incredible. Abigail x

  2. mommy

    Glad no.1 grandson enjoyed the day. I am trying to resist the doughnuts! I’ll come with you when you want to do the animals xx

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