Patchwork Granny Blanket CAL

Hello all and happy Monday! First for a little weekend update.

The weather excelled again on Saturday – warm and sunny with a gloriously blue, cloudless sky. Perfect for a little time out with tea and cake. Yum yum. I have recently fallen in love with a new recipe for Lemon Drizzle Cake which produces a beautifully light, rich sponge along with the usual refreshing citric zing. I have successfully made the hard sugar topping which was well received but I am a great fan of glacé icing so could not resist using this instead. The other advantage is that this increases the overall lemon content, which I prefer, as I use the zest of two lemons in the batter. When the cake comes out the oven, I prick it all over, as per the recipe, and squeeze the juice of one lemon over the warm sponge before using the juice from the remaining lemon to make the icing. Scrummy!

The garden renovation is continuing as hubby made the most of the fine weather to begin laying some slabs. Don’t you just love our little cement mixer?! Such a beautiful colour. Our own little Dizzy! She looks so sweet turning in the sun.

Such a wonderful, summery day involved some obligatory lake appreciation, watching the Canada Geese float lazily over the shimmering ripples, always on the lookout for some obliging person with a bit of bread.

The dazzling green leaves were fluttering gently in the breeze making shadows that danced over the floor. So quiet and peaceful.

However there was already evidence that the seasons are due to turn and Autumn is on its way. I love Autumn – wrapping up in chunky knit-wear on crisp, sunny days. Can’t wait!

Anyway, moving on to long promised yarn matters…

Ah dear, my poor yarn bag needs a good tidy after the little man’s raid last week.

Many of you will probably have noticed a craze sweeping the crochet blogscape at the moment – Patchwork Granny Blankets. These are a multicoloured collection of single-coloured blocks, usually joined as you go. Most people have crocheted them in the granny style, although some people are hooking solid blocks. I love the eclectic look of these afghans as a result of the ‘random’ colour spacing. If you haven’t seen these about, check out Sandra’s Giant Granny Patches on her Cherry Heart blog. This stunning afghan inspired a ‘Patchwork Granny Blanket CAL’ (Crochet Along) in the ‘We Love Lucy’ group on Ravelry.

I have never joined a CAL before but am excited about the idea of joining the party. The yarn was a given (I am currently awash with a rainbow of squishy Stylecraft DK) but first the decision had to be made on the style and size of the blocks. Having already completed an Elmer Blanket I knew I didn’t want to do another one yet. Granny squares are always fun but I have already created a Baby Granny and I wanted to do something different. I am still experimenting with my crochet and I wanted to learn a new technique. Then it hit me…

Hexagons! (Btw, the yarn does not look nearly so shiny in real life, just in some of these piccies).

There are a multitude of patterns available but I chose a nice, simple one by Novamade. It is still in the granny style so I can join in the CAL but with a slight twist. Yay!

Loving these –  so quick and easy to whip up and great fun.

I did photograph the blanket from the beginning but am having technical difficulties so I cannot access them at the moment. These would show how I got a little confused with the shape so had to add the beige square at the top left later. All good now though!

I haven’t done that many blocks yet, certainly not like the amazing speed some people are whipping them up, but hey, it’s a marathon not a sprint.

Are any of you joining the CAL? Leave a comment telling me about it – there are so many amazing examples and I’m loving seeing them all grow. If not, you’re not too late to join the party. xxxxxx



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6 responses to “Patchwork Granny Blanket CAL

  1. quilt32

    The Lemon Drizzle Cake recipe looks so good and that piece with your cup of tea is very tempting.

    I love Canada geese and we have a lot of them in our area. They are unashamedly greedy.

    I don’t crochet so I can’t join your CAL but I’ll be following your progress.

  2. Lemon drizzle cake is lovely, I think I will have to try your adaptation, as the more tangy the lemon, the better, in my opinion. I LOVE your hexes, they are so original and neat. I am interested to see if you fill in with triangles at the edge or not…I think I would want to 😮 Great inspiration and added you on my blog roll as a fellow patchwork granny cal, the first time I have done a cal as well. Fiona x (KnitKnatKnotUK)

    • Thank you, I am thrilled to be on your blog roll! I really must get mine up and running. Your blanket is coming along beautifully, and faster than mine!
      I have been pondering the triangle issue – would have to straighten up the edges to do a good border and I do love a good border! 🙂 Will have to experiment.
      Abigail x

  3. Thank for your lovely comments on my blog! Love your mat (or rug is it?) in your top picture, so colourful. Love the hexagon patches too, pretty 🙂

    S x

  4. Bub

    Hi, I have been looking for a good hexagon to use up scraps of steelcraft yarn which I have from doing some of Lucy @Attic24.
    This one is the best I have seen. I have joined you page and look forward to doing more of your patterns.

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