This post is somewhat out of order as these photos were actually taken in mid August and these hydrangeas are fading as we move into Autumn. However I could not bear to leave these piccies to wilt away too so I am temporarily resurrecting these Summer blooms in attempt to hold onto the last bit of the season. Why not?!

I noticed these flowers nestling amid the lush, green bushes in my mother’s garden one Sunday evening. They looked like they were bursting out of the border.

I love hydrangeas. Their petals are so delicate and papery and their colour is so variable, from soft pinks and lilacs to vivid blues and purples. Each flower head is like a whole bunch of flowers.

Just like oyster shells there are jewels hidden within – just look at those pearly centres.

This one reminds me of a bride’s bouquet.

I’m afraid the light was already fading and I only had hubby’s phone to capture these images with but I could not stop snapping these blooms. There is something vintage about the look of them – they hark back to a previous time. They remind me of those flowery bathing caps that ladies wore in the 50s.

In between the colour were these incredible skeletons of the dead flowers, delicately patterned like moth wings.

I’m afraid my editing skills have completely abandoned me with these photos. I cannot choose which ones to put in so I’m just going to leave you with a stream of scrumminess. Enjoy! 🙂




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6 responses to “Hydrangeas

  1. Charlton Estate Trust

    What gorgeous pastel colours!!!

  2. quilt32

    That was a very pleasant minute or so as I scanned down through your beautiful photos and beautiful descriptions.

  3. I loooooovveeeee these photos! Hydrangeas are my favourite flowers (childhood memories of them being outside my mum & dad’s home and the gorgeous colours!!!) but I’ve never been able to grow them because of not having the right soil 😦 So lovely to see such gorgeous pictures – they always make me smile x

    • Thank you! They can be very temperamental plants, I know – we have inherited one off my husband’s gran. We have managed to keep it alive but have yet to see flowers as yet. Am waiting to see what next year brings! x

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