Smiley Snapshots

I would like to share a few random pictures from the last week that are currently making me smile.

19:32 Wednesday –

Indulging in a little blanket love whilst attempting to photograph my ripple. I love the sense of achievement and enjoyment that crochet has brought into my life. Not only the therapeutic relaxation of physically hooking but the whole crafty world that I have discovered online. The colourful, pretty, yarn infested realm of blogs and Flickr and Ravelry – I can’t imagine not being part of it now.

On the left you can spy my Summer Garden Throw that I blogged about last June. I fell out of love with this blanket for a long time and dreaded the thought of carrying on. However, I recently rediscovered it and am head-over-heels all over again and itching to get on with it. Unfortunately this blanket requires quite a lot of concentration to keep track of the colours, which is not easy to do whilst watching/chatting with/singing to a little one so it is not coming on as quickly as I would like. I’m in it for the long haul though and, one day, it will be complete!

19:58 Thursday –

The final instalment in my current ‘Red Sky at Night, Shepherds’ Delight’ trilogy. As you will all know, watching the light change over the lake is quite an obsession of mine and I have particularly enjoyed watching the pinky/orangey displays lately.

13:36 Friday –  

Ah, washing drying merrily under the sapphire blue skies. Sigh. What a sight. Makes my heart light and happy. The weather last week was superb and I really enjoyed it. It made me so happy to step outside and feel the warmth on my face, or even sit inside and watch the emerald-green leaves rippling in the sun. Unfortunately it has now turned and today I had the irritating task of re-hanging my washing indoors when it started raining (BBC weather – you lie!).

 12:45 Sunday –

The little man’s first proper taste of non-milky food. He feasted on toast fingers and cooked apple and he Loved It! I just cannot stop looking at these pictures, they make my heart swell. My little baby is now feeding himself. Aw. I was all ready to demonstrate with some exaggerated actions but he knew exactly what to do! From the moment the plate was placed on the floor he was in there. So cute!

15:04 Tuesday –

This was the scene that greeted me as I looked down from my cuppa yesterday afternoon. I had placed the bubba down in order to drink my tea without fear of it being wrestled out of my hands but may need to reassess the safe zone as he is getting more mobile. He does show great enthusiasm for yarn, so soft and colourful and fun to unravel. Clearly his mother’s son!

18:45 Today – 

This stripey little number is a new addition to our bathroom and is currently causing me to squeal with excitement whenever I encounter it. So soft, so stripey, so super-dooper! In fact, on Saturday we acquired a whole host of stripey numbers to adorn our newly refurbished bathing area and I love them all. What is more, they were purchased using gift vouchers so were, to all intents and purpose, free (or at least that is what I am telling myself). Brilliant!



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4 responses to “Smiley Snapshots

  1. quilt32

    What a wonderful set of pictures! Of course, the glimpses of the baby are the best, but I also enjoyed the beautiful blankets, the bright blue sky and the pretty wash cloth. I’m interested in your term, “shepherd’s delight”. In our midwest part of the U.S. we say, “sailor’s delight”.

  2. What lovely pictures! The sunset over the lake is amazing! And your pic of Baby made me smile – I remember those early days, weaning and the washing of all the nappies! Loooove your new bath mat – that would make me squeal too! Sx

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