Ripple Reveal

Hello! I have been so excited about this. It seems like a long time coming. My first big ‘reveal’ on Rosyhill. I have shown you my two baby blankets (here and here) but they were made ages ago. This is an adult sized blanket that I have completed whilst actively blogging. Writing this post has been remarkably difficult! It has taken quite a few hours to organise my ideas and pictures and translate them into a coherant form.  ‘Erm, yes…ripple – finished, yay, so pretty!’.  Doesn’t really work, does it?! So, forgive me any awkwardness. This blogging-lark’s still pretty new and there are times when I find it hard to access my ‘writing voice’. I shall just let the ripples do the talking!

I started this blanket last Summer, 6 months after learning to crochet. I was quite dubious about how I would get on – maybe I’d get bored? The yarn choice was easy. I didn’t have much money and even less idea about yarn so what to do? Go to someone who knows better, of course! Hey presto, a Lucy Pack of Stylecraft dk was soon winging its way to me.

My first decision was about the pattern and overall plan for the blanket. Obviously I was using Lucy’s (Attic 24) ‘Neat Ripple’ but how many rows in each colour? I knew that I did not want to make all of the ripples 2 rows wide but also thought that totally random was somewhat beyond me. I therefore decided on a repeat – ‘1, 2, 3, 2, 1’. The 4 deepest colours used for the single row ripples also appear in the border; 10 other colours made the main body of the blanket.

I am far too uptight to just pick a colour out of the bag. I like to plan my projects so my living room was constantly strewn with balls of yarn mapping out the next section. It took a surprisingly long time (and the acquisition of a phone that does more than just call) to come up with the novel idea of photographing these designs so I could then give hubby a break and tidy up our living space.

Oooo, leopard print booties and spotty, fleece pyjama bottoms. Don’t say I don’t know how to dress to impress. 

This project has been a delight to work on. So soothing, so rhythmic, so satisfying. Ripple, ripple, ripple row after row was added.

Apart from dabbling with some cotton for smaller projects, I have always used acrylic yarn so am not very well placed to make comparisons on how it works/feels compared to wool. I have, however, built up a bizarre stash of all kinds of acrylic and I can certainly feel the quality of Stylecraft when measured against similar yarns. It arrives in delightfully squishy 100g bundles that I just want to bury my face in and the colours are wonderful. I have since built up quite a sizable collection, which I shall have to share with you sometime. It works well, slides comfortably over the hook and does not split easily. Oh, and it is Bargainous!

As the blanket grew I had a desperate desire to straighten the bottom edge. Straightening a ripple at the top is relatively straightforward. Working out of a foundation chain, it transpires, is not so easy. Essentially I just bodged it until I felt it looked right and, I have to say, I am pretty pleased with the results.

Then came that happy day when the final row was done. 135 rows, 67 ripples of delightful rainbow woolliness (yes that is a word). I couldn’t believe that it was done, that I could sit on a sofa and snuggle under it from head to toes. Squeal!

Lovely as it was it was not quite ‘complete’ yet. There was something missing. My blanket needed an edge. (Really should have photographed it at this point but you get the idea of my borderless blanket above). I could have added some rows of treble crochet, which would have finished it off nicely, but I wanted something different. I had bought this rather wonderful book after seeing it floating about the blogosphere and have since spent many a happy evening thumbing through, quizzing my long-suffering husband on which one would suit best. We I eventually chose pattern 88, 4 rows worked in ‘leaning tower stitch’, a rather pleasing variant on granny trebles (and it has a marvellous name!). Incidentally, Eckman’s book is so full of delightfully tempting crochet borders I just want to create things to edge them. May have to make some coasters just for fun!

I did change the final row, replacing the last row of leaning towers with one lot of UK htc (US hdc) and one of UK dc (US sc) to finish it off neatly. This also happily matched the purple htc and dc row that began the border. Very tidy!

So, there’s only one thing left to do…


It reminds me of Aladdin’s magic carpet! I want to jump on and fly away!

Hehe, there’s me, hiding behind it! You can see how it will be a good, snuggly size for Winter. I shall leave you to imagine hubby’s face when I announced that we were going to the park to photograph the ripple! Incredulous is the word, I think.

I cannot believe how difficult it was to snap the finished product. It was far too big to lay out in my living room and, even outside, it was a nightmare trying to get it to lay flat and straight. However it was great fun to whirl about the park, wrapping it around me, ignoring the stares from passers-by. Fun fun!

In all its glory then: Here it is, neat and tidy, folded in a pile…

… and all soft and squishy lying in a heap.

Yes, I have to say that I LOVE this blanket. It is bright and colourful and soft and warm and I look forward to snuggling under it when it’s frosty outside.

*happy sigh*

Looking forward to my next project now! Hopefully a trip away this weekend may give me time to really work on it before revealing my master plan next week! 🙂

Blanket Stats:

Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK

1422 : aspen 
1390 : clematis  
1034 : sherbet 
1081 : saffron 
1084 : magenta
1316 : spring green 
1132 : shrimp  
1065 : meadow
1019 : cloud blue
1241 : fondant
1061 : plum
1003 : aster
1246 : lipstick  
1068 : turquoise

Hook: 4mm (G)

Pattern: Attic 24 Neat Ripple Pattern

Size: 150 x 90 cm – 135 rows, 67 ripples 

Edging: Around the Corner Crochet Borders by Edie Eckman, #88



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13 responses to “Ripple Reveal

  1. quilt32

    You have every reason to be delighted with your gorgeous ripple blanket. I crochet just enough to be thoroughly impressed. The idea of having different borders is wonderful. Congratulaltions!

  2. This is so beautiful and colorful–it will be the perfect blast of light as the gray winter days come. Congratulations on finishing your first “big-person” project!!!

  3. Hello I love it!!!! I am working on a granny square afghan too, the colors are reall happy, enjoy!!!

  4. OOh that’s absolutely beautiful! I also love the border, it finishes the blanket off nicely x

  5. I love how the border gives it a nice finished touch. Nice!

  6. I love that you refer to it as ‘the ripple.’ Its lovely! and the trim really seals the deal. nice work!

  7. Thank you all for your kind comments on my ripple! 🙂

  8. It looks fantastic! So cosy and just in time for the chilly autumn nights 🙂 Well done!

  9. onoodlesstitchcraft

    I agree totally with you about Stylecraft DK in regards to quality and colour choice. Your blanket is rippletastic! It is colourful, cheerful and ful of warmth from the heart. I love projects that make you smile every time you look at them and this one does just that! If you fancy a trip over to my blog you will see what I mean! PS Your little man has the loveliest chubby legs! My boys are now grown up but I so did love that age!

  10. googling images trying to work out my next ripple and found you. Love all the rows and rows of happy ripply yarniness! Great job!

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