Red Sky at Night, Shepherds’ Delight

Hello all! I am loving this week. I am loving the sunshine, loving the flowers, loving the sunsets, loving that hubby is home. Happy, happy, happy, just like those flowers.

On Monday I told you that the evening sky had been passing through a rainbow of beautiful colours that were bound to herald a delightful day on Tuesday. And indeed they did. I also explained that, unfortunately, this delight was largely hidden behind some pesky buildings. However, last night we were treated to a similar display but the increased cloud cover gave me the opportunity to snap the scene as seen from my front garden.

Pretty, no?

What is more, those pinky hues foretold of another day of deep blue skies and glorious sunshine. The weather today has been marvellous in these parts, warm and bright with a slight breeze. The washing machine has been in overdrive and, 4 washes later, I have only had to move 1 towel and 1 pair of thick jogging shorts inside to dry. Success!

I do hope you are not bored of seeing the views from around where I live. My husband does not understand. When I took a photo of the lake the other day he asked, ‘Haven’t you already put that on your blog?’. Bless him, he doesn’t understand. He doesn’t see how the light changes continually, creating a different scene everytime I look out of the window.

It is one of the things I love about reading people’s blogs – the themes that run through them making them comforting and familiar. The same view shown in different seasons, different weathers. The same subject matters – crochet, flowers, trees, countryside, seaside, cakes, yarn, prettiness – revisited again and again. The chance to get to know people’s likes, dislikes, routines. Become part of their everyday family life. That is why I go back to some blogs time and time again and that is what I would like for Rosy Hill (I will post my Blogroll soon incase anybody would like to know which ones are my favourites). Writing this blog encourages me to look at the world in a new way. To focus on the small details and record them here like a diary. I have never been able to keep a traditional journal but this is my chance to document what is happening in the world around me, what has caught my attention. Primarily I write what interests me and, hopefully, it will therefore be of some interest to you too!

Anyway, I am starting to see some of you return again and again, which is very exciting, and would like to wave hello to you and say thank you for visiting! If this is your first time here, then welcome. I am going to stop waffling and get back to writing up my ripple reveal which is what I am meant to be wrI hope to have finished soon. It is taking a long time to sift through and load all of the pictures so this was just me popping in to show you that I had not forgotten and am on the job!

I shall leave you with the blue-y grey skies and soft light of tonight’s sunset.

So calm and peaceful after the vibrant, bold colours of today.

Back soon, xxxxxxxxx



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4 responses to “Red Sky at Night, Shepherds’ Delight

  1. Mo

    My happiest memories are of the beautiful scenes that you manage to capture Abby. I could spend hours looking out over the lake. It is so good to see that you appreciate it also.
    Love you all. Mo xxx

  2. quilt32

    I look forward to reading your “journal” and seeing what beautiful pictures you have included. I agree that each picture of the lake or any other point is different depending on the time of the day, the weather, the light, etc.
    Keep up the good work.

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