The Sun Has Got His Hat On

Just popping in to wave hello and ask you to marvel at the incredible colour of the sky today. So pure, so blue. Perfect washing drying weather as it turned out. Not very exciting, you may think, but as somebody who does not own a tumble drier and has limited space then any day that I can get the washing out is a Good Day! It’s the little things in life.

I enjoyed these marigolds that were to be found basking in the sun giving off the most incredibly rich golden glow. How could you not smile when looking at these? Like molten gold.

Today has been a lazy day. Nothing major, a lot of jiggling and singing, a little bit of hooky in the sun. As I sit here writing this I am slobbing on the sofa trying to process an All-Day Breakfast from the cafe that has recently opened by us. This is very exciting as where we live is somewhat lacking in ‘community’ but it is currently undergoing a major programme of regeneration. The opening of the new library and local shops has made a huge difference to the feel of the place and I really hope people embrace it and make the most of this opportunity.

Looking at that photo I think maybe I should have spent some of the day weeding but hey ho! Winter soon and they will all disappear. They don’t really bother me most of the time. I’m very good at selective viewing. Why look at the weeds when there are begonias blooming and woolly goodness to look at?!

Having said all of that, today was actually a momentous day…

…can you guess why?

Today was the day that my first ripple journey finally came to an end. The border is complete, the last ends are woven in and straggly ends are snipped. Whoop whoop! I have finished, I have completed my First Big Crochet Blanket. Not just a baby blanket but a proper, grown up person’s blanket. So excited! I have taken a vast number of photos and will to wheedle out a few good ones to do a full Ripple Reveal later in the week. I can’t wait!

I shall leave you with high hopes for another sunny day tomorrow.

The sky has actually passed through some rather spectacular shades of yellow/orange/pink/crimson this evening but, unfortunately, I have not been able to capture them. It is the problem of living in the middle of a city, there are these building things everywhere and they are blocking my view. Ah well. Take my word for it, it was beautiful.

Sending you happiness and sunshine. A ripple reveal will be coming soon! xxxx


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One response to “The Sun Has Got His Hat On

  1. quilt32

    I enjoyed seeing your brilliant blue sky so much. Today was a holiday in the U.S. (Labor Day) and it rained all day, quite hard at times.

    The ripple blanket is simply gorgeous.

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