What I Did Last Saturday

Mid morning last Saturday something caught my eye – defying the forecast, the sun had broken through the clouds and patches of brilliant blue had appeared in the sky. On quiet, staying-in days, little man and I normally take our constitutionals after lunch, especially when an afternoon snooze is looking unlikely and the grumps have set in. Today, however, I wanted to be out there this minute.

I grabbed the little one and hubby’s phone and trotted across the road. My wonderful scheme rapidly unravelled as we looked over the lake and I noticed the morning light. The sun was coming from behind whereas I usually see it in front of me. It changed the appearance of everything and I wanted to capture the quiet serenity of the scene and document it here. Unfortunately it is not easy to take photos when balancing an 18 lb baby on one arm and trying to keep a camera straight and press the button with the other hand. Never mind, I tried my best and looking at these still bring a sense of calmness and remind me of the light breeze and the smell of fresh, morning grass.

The Canada Geese followed us round, ever hopeful, until they spotted a better prospect on the other side of the lake.

We bent down and peered through holes in the bushes. I love this photo. It’s so quiet and still.

Little man was fascinated by the swaying leaves and the light on the rippling water.

As we walked up the little path the greenary suddenly disappeared and the view opened up. The sun was still low behind the trees and houses making everything appear like a silhouette around the edge of the water. There was barely anybody out except for a few fishermen.

So quiet, so peaceful, 15 minutes of tranquility with the geese and my little man. So different to the businness of the rest of the day!

By lunchtime, we’d had a mighty delivery of important garden stuff and some wonderful family and friends had descended to help hubby barrow this lot into the back and lay out the base for the patio. There were 8 for lunch so the table was laid with bread, pies, cheese, ham, pâté, chutney, salad, crisps and cake. I thought it looked pretty good and was intending to take a picture to add to my ‘Saturday diary’. Unfortunately I had to feed the baby and, by the time I returned, the gannets had descended and I was met by this:

Not quite the photo I had in mind! 

Accompanying lunch was a rather impressive thunderstorm. Now I know that for people reading in some other countries thunder and lightning storms are a regular, and often spectacular, event but not so much here. A couple of bolts and 10 minutes of distant rumbling is the most we normally see but this was way more exciting! What really amazed me was that, when I looked up, I could see blue sky with black clouds and lightning bolts right and left. The clouds where the storm met were wonderful – like ‘Ice – cream castles in the sky’ as Joni Mitchell would have it.

These birds quickly took fright!

Off they go!

5 minutes later the blue was gone. 10 minutes after that it was back and peace was restored. As if it had never happened.

Thank you for joining our little Saturday morning stroll. Fast forward to this Saturday and it’s been yarn, not geese, taking center stage. All very exciting! Okay, you can have a sneak peak…

More on that soon! xxx



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4 responses to “What I Did Last Saturday

  1. quilt32

    Your pictures are simply gorgeous – I feel as if I actually took that walk with you and your baby. And the empty plates are a testament to the great food that was on the table!

  2. That crochet looks interesting – and I love the blanket underneath!

    • Thank you! He is wonderful really. It’s lovely to hear from you. I love Jill Murphy but that book is definitely my favourite.
      The top crochet is my new piece which is coming on well so should have more to show you soon! The blanket is my little boy’s Elmer Blanket.
      Abigail x

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