Baby Granny

18.46 on Saturday evening found me sitting on a patio, a glass of cool cider in my hand and gazing at this view above me.  I think the light is so beautiful, illuminating the clouds, but it really shows how the nights are drawing in now. It was one of the many sweet, relaxing moments I have been enjoying in between all of the frantic activity that is happening around here. The garden makeover is continuing and, although this does not involve digging and barrowing on my part, there are long days of marathon tea/coffee/squash making, cake/cookie/sandwich provision, constant dishwashing, muddy clothes laundering and cooking dinner for double figures. Intense and tiring for all, but it is SO exciting to see the progress the boys have been making and we are incredibly grateful for the labour and support that our generous family and friends are giving us. I have been documenting the work and I hope to share it with you as soon as I find a bit more computer time!

I digress. The photo was taken at my Aunt and Uncle’s 25th wedding anniversary party. Such a lovely gathering with the next generation really taking centre stage. My little one is still a bit young to participate with anything more than gurgles (party or not, he was still in bed by 7 anyway!) but there were lots of my cousins’ children running around and I think they really make a family party. Well, kiddies and Food, of which there was plenty. A delicious vegetable paneer curry, which I must get the recipe for, and these wonderful strawberry cupcakes made by my cousin:

They even had strawberry in the sponge, which made them extra special. I have only recently discovered cooked strawberries, in sponge and crumble, and I am a big fan of the idea. Totally different to raw strawberries, I love the taste and texture. As the season’s ending I must remember to look out for soft fruits being sold cheaply.

Anyway, I promised you crochet today so here we go: Baby blanket number 2. (For Baby Blanket 1 see here).

I absolutely love this blanket, which I was surprised about. It’s very simple and not in my usual colour pallette but I think it’s so pretty and snuggly. It is Stylecraft DK, recommended 4mm hook, but I used a 5mm hook which makes the stitches a little loose but I think gives a lovely soft, light feel.

Obviously this is basically a good old granny blanket – 6 blocks of each colour, a cream border and then join as you go. (*Edited – there are actually 7 greens/blues used here. Who knew?!) Simple! However I think that the effect of seperating the border from the granny square with a row of chain stitches looks really effective. The inspiration for this came from Jacquie’s lovely Twin Blankets and she has done an excellent tutorial here.

I really enjoyed whipping up these squares – very theraputic. It is unbelievable that I was sat on a train to Southport, 7.5 months pregnant hooking them and now I have a 5 month old snuggling under them. Such special memories.

An awful picture, I know, but it does give me the opportunity to introduce you to ‘Mork the Stork’, our wonderful friend who lives in our living room and was a wedding present from my Aunts. I love him so much! A future crochet project is a ‘beak protector’ to prevent nasty accidents when the little man starts walking.

Now for the important bit: seeing the blanket being put to good use.

See that little foot? Munchable!

Warm and snuggly in those colourful squares!

I tried to get the little man to model the blanket for you but it all went a bit wrong.

Little fists pulled it merrily this way and that before the inevitable happened…

Yum yum!

Hopefully there will be more crochet news soon – a Ripple ta-dah and two new projects on the go. Exciting.

Happy hooking! xxxxxxxxx

Blanket Stats:

Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK

1065 : Meadow
1316 : Spring Green
1003 : Aster
1019 : Cloud Blue
1068 : Turquoise
1034 : Sherbet
1422 : Aspen *Edited – this was the colour that I originally omitted!
1005 : Cream

Hook: 5 mm (H)

Pattern: 4 round Granny Square then Bunny Mummy’s ‘chain round a granny‘ before the final round

Size: 80 x 80 cm (36 squares)

Edging: Double V Edging



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5 responses to “Baby Granny

  1. quilt32

    The blanket is so beautiful but nothing can compare with those little baby toes. Beautiful pictures.

  2. Loving the granny squares! In an effort to repurpose an absurd amount of yarn that doesn’t quite fit with any project, I believe I’ll be granny squaring my little heart out soon!

  3. Beautiful baby and blanket!! I made three for my baby born in July and use them all the time.

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