A trip to the farm – Part 2

Hello! Yesterday I started telling you about our trip to the wonderful Waterfowl Sanctuary and Children’s Farm near Banbury Cross. I am really enjoying looking back at the pictures of this fantastic day and I hope you are too – here comes part 2!

Just one more photo from pets’ corner first:

Awww! After we’d had all of the cuddles we wanted inside, we stepped outside. The sanctuary was 22 acres of muddy grass fields surrounding a series of ponds. It was so green and pretty. The animals wandered freely around the site with lots of cute little huts for them to nest in as they wanted. Don’t you just love the colour of this hen-house?

Not to mention the peacock in front, of course!

As soon as we walked around the back of the centre we were met by a group of expectant waterfowl. The ducks, geese and chickens walked/waddled/pecked happily at our feet, demanding food from the little people who were holding bright, plastic buckets full of feed. Watching the look on my 2 year old cousin’s face as he chased 3 ducks around with his fists full of food pellets was so sweet! It felt like my heart was going to explode. When he realised that he was meant to throw the feed it was a case of us all dodging missiles but the animals didn’t seem to mind.

Just look at those feet go, splashing through the mud! The wellies were definitely worthwhile but we had been right to choose to travel here as the weather stayed dry and we had regular spells of glorious sunshine. (Very lucky as hubby assured me that it was Wet at home).

I just loved this place. Out in the fresh air we walked/ran/splashed around whilst vast numbers of ducks and geese flocked across the ponds to eat the food that we were throwing over the fence. Such simple fun! There was a large, wooden viewing platform from which we could survey the whole place.

The geese were so funny – I was pleased that they were inside the fence as they were pretty menacing when they were flapping their wings and hissing at us if we didn’t feed them Immediately.

I think this is a Greylag Goose. I remember a school trip to the park in year 5 which was followed by an art project where we had to draw a couple of the birds that we’d seen. I chose to do a Hooper Swan and a Greylag Goose and I was SO Proud of my final pictures.

I had quite a soft spot for these fellows (Muscovy Ducks, I believe).

A fuzzy photo, I know, but look at that face, bless him!

‘Excuse me, can I help you?’ – This guy looks so inquisitive. Does anybody know what breed he is?

The Indian Runner Ducks were brilliant. My sister has one of the wooden Duck Company ducks and I think they must have modelled them on these.

I adore birds. The ducks and geese were great but it is the twittering little fellows in the trees that I really love. My parents have the most fantastic garden for birds and my dad devotes hours to their care on a daily basis. I can’t wait until our garden is finished and attracting birds again – at the moment it’s just a haven for crickets. The noise from the little people made the chance of bird watching pretty slim (not that we got a chance to look) but I loved the chickens pecking around our feet and snoozing under the bushes. This guy looked like he ruled the roost!

The final part of the sanctuary was the children’s farm which included a donkey, some llama and an ostrich. I’m sure there were others but unfortunately I missed most of this as I was needed for feeding duties. The joys of a baby! I did get to spend some time with the goats though. They were extremly friendly!

Like all goats there seemed to be no limit to how much they could eat – endless handfuls of grass were consumed with gusto!

It has been wonderful reliving our day out and sharing it all with you. It makes me think about when my little one has grown up a bit and can enjoy such outings. So much to look forward to!

What are your favourite places to visit? I think I will have to organise another family outing very soon. 🙂

See you very soon with some crochet goodness. xxxxx


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  1. Awww, so cute!

    Sorry it’s taken so long to reply, these holidays are slowing me down no end. Anyway, I finally here to say yes of course you may join me! It’s never too late I say to make a Pretty Crafty Home. I’ve added your link to my sidebar and I wish you luck making your home the way you want it.

    If you want to share any pictures, please do join the Flickr gorup (www.flickr.com/groups/1895358@N23/) too – love to see you there.

    S x

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