Inviting you to tea

Can you believe it was raining this morning? Not just a few drops but black sky, splish-splash-splosh, sheeting rain. This would not have been such a disaster if hubby was not on holiday. More specifically, Mr D has taken all of his remaining annual leave to make something wonderful out of our garden. To wake up and be greeted by the sound of rain pounding on the windows on day 1 of the project is not a good start. There was definitely a black cloud hovering inside the house as well as out.

What to do in situations like this?

Go somewhere with a display like that. How can anybody feel gloomy when greeted by such a sight? This counter is to be found in The Garden Room, the cafe accompaniment to a garden centre local to my parents. Since maternity leave I have enjoyed being ‘a lady that lunches’ here more often than is probably good for me but I love it. And what do I have at this wonderful place? For me there is only ever one option: High Tea.

A choice of sandwiches, a scone and a cake of your choice served with a pot of tea in a china cup (and a glass of fizz if you really splash out!). I can vouch for the quality of their Bakewell Tart (my usual choice) and Key Lime Pie (my mom has this) but today we decided to try somethingdifferent: Chocolate & Coffee Cheesecake and Fridge Cake/Chocolate Tiffin.

By the way, did you notice the half eaten cake on the plate at the back? My darling husband did not appreciate being asked to wait to eat. Or to move for this photo. The scowl returned but it did not last long. The things he has to put up with!

There is no scowling with this lot in front of you. I would be lying if I say that I have not sat with a partner and cleared this whole stand before but I do not wish to scupper my belly busting diet so we were good…the cheesecake and tiffin are currently resisiding in our fridge awaiting their destiny. See my halo?! The rest, I can assure you, was scrumptious. And it worked. By the time we had finished smiles were on our faces and the sun was shining in the sky.

A happy ending.

I cannot get enough of that sky. I wish I had taken a photo of the rain to contrast this with.

We may not be on holiday but I cannot be anything other than happy when the sky looks this big and brilliantly blue.

It lifts me out of the city.

Wishing you sunshine not showers, xxxxx


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