Greetings! Some days have a purpose: a planned outing, a special meal, a celebration. However the majority are not so clearly defined. They are not particularly exciting or momentous but comfortable and familiar. They contain the little events that make up everyday life and I am very grateful for them. 

I am forever fascinated at having the opportunity to peek into the homes and lives of fellow bloggers and I love having the opportunity to share and record these here. So this is a little snapshot of what is happening in my life on this Sunday:

In my garden:

The roses are smiling at the intermittent sunshine.


I love fushia – they look like beautiful ladies dancing through the sky on tiptoes, their pink skirts swirling.


I used to love popping the buds as a child.

This little bee was snoozing on the job.

On the lake:

A gentle breeze rolling over the lake making the reflections shimmer on the surface. It felt very tranquil.

With my tea:

A sneaky little slice  of chocolate cake. I decided to make only half a cake so that I can enjoy a little slice of what I fancy while not scuppering my attempts to lose the baby belly. Clever, no?!

On my hook:

I am on the final colour of my edging for my ripple blanket. I am so excited, I love this blanket and am incredibly proud to have nearly completed it. More about this soon!

 Hoping you stop and look at the little things in your life today. Enjoy!




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6 responses to “Snapshot

  1. the flowers are splendid.

  2. Lovely snapshots and your cake looks delicious!

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