Cookie comfort

Just a quick hello after a busy day. We’ve got visitors of the little variety which bring an exhilarating energy to proceedings, even if one does end the day exhausted!

I made cookies yesterday in anticipation of the mini people’s arrival. Choc chip with sultanas (one of your 5 a Day, don’t you know!). There are not many things that are quicker to bake than these cookies – they can be mixed and baked before the little one wakes from his nap!

Look at those dollops sitting there, ready to be cooked. Yum yum. Tasty little treats to enjoy with a cup of tea.

I have just uploaded all my photos from today and look forward to showing you them tomorrow. There are so cute!

I can’t resist just showing you this one as a sneak preview:



Filed under Biscuits, Food

2 responses to “Cookie comfort

  1. Mommy

    A proper mother hen (duck?!) you are….

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