Linlithgow Palace

Greetings to you all! It has been a while. The end of term has been upon us and life has been a blurry haze of assessments, reports, classroom moving and farewells. I have missed taking time to retire into this little blogging world. I have so much to share with you! Cooking, crocheting and holidays have been occuring behind the scene amid the mayhem!

Hubby and I recently took a trip up to Edinburgh to visit his dad, so I would like to invite you to peek inside the photo album! We wanted to make the most of this holiday as we are not going away this summer so we took the opportunity to visit attractions nearby. Our first trip was to the charming town of Linlithgow (above) in which stands the rather spectacular Linlithgow Palace. We love old buildings, particularly castles and palaces. As I walk around I am transported back in time, hearing the ghosts of those hundreds and thousands of people who called this building home.

Linlithgow is a particularly large palace and I could fill pages with images of the intricate stonework and gravity defying arches, but I shall be selective…

The modern crown adoring St. Michael’s Parish Church, evocative of Christ’s crown of thorns, replaced an older stone crown above the steeple that had to be dismantled in the nineteenth century.

This palatial abode sits alongside a rather charming loch which was dotted with multiple fisherman rocking wildly in tiny boats. Not exactly my idea of fun! Whereas I’m sure those houses have a wonderful view on a sunny summer day, it must be rather bleak in the middle of a cold, dismal winter. I’m such a city chick!

This incredible fountain held pride of place in the central courtyard so could be viewed through the stone arches along the corridors and balconies at all levels on all sides. I felt like lady of the manor, walking along the eerie darkness, gazing down imperiously! I rather like Historic Scotland’s description of it as ‘a beautiful three-tiered wedding cake structure’.

This palace has the most amazing collection of staircases and fireplaces with really ornate stonework that has survived the centuries. I loved this fireplace because of its simplicity. Admittedly the ceiling is largely absent in the upper stories but, feeling the wind blowing through the rooms, I imagine that even these gigantic fireplaces probably failed spectacularly at heating this cavernous space!

My hubby is a very practical man, nicely complementing my total lack of such skills. Consequently, I am always in awe of people who can design and create monuments and buildings. Structures such as Linlithgow are even more incredible when you imagine how little mechanical assistance the builders and architects had. It makes the scale and intricacy all the more jaw dropping. Just imagine the man hours that it must have taken to construct this section!

I love birds. They really are a passion of mine. Not just strange or unusual birds but any feathery friend sitting about the place and this speckled beauty I thought was especially cute…

And three more sunbathing, how sweet!

I am the sort of person that requires regular feeding! Well in advance I like to know when the next meal is coming and from where. Outings and holidays are often characterised for me by the quantity and quality of food consumed! After a year of wedding and house buying, budgeting is a necessity. Therefore all food this week was cooked at home and had to travel with us. Sausage and egg pie, sweet and juicy cherry tomatoes, crunchy apples dribbling down your chin – yummy!

Mr Jackdaw did a good job finishing off the pastry crumbs! 

Although there were periods of radiant sunshine, the weather could only be described as bracing. When out in the open it was literally impossible to stay up straight! However, when sheltered by the walls there was a feeling of peace and serenity that was truly special.


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