Garden Salad and Garlic Toast

This basket of green loveliness was picked from our garden by my wonderful hubby this weekend. So much luscious tastiness! How our pretty little salad has grown. From these little lettuces…


they have grown…


until we had a bed full of mouth watering greenery. So many lovely leaves!

Well, if I am honest, SO many leaves! Lesson learnt for next year – don’t plant all of your lettuce at once.

Salad time, me thinks. In our house we get through plenty of lettuce on sandwiches but I can’t say we regularly have a salad for dinner (it isn’t normally met with great enthusiasm by the other half!). However, I do occasionally insist on a dinner of greenery, though with other yumminess added in.

This salad always reminds me of holidaying in a mobile home with Becca and her family a decade ago (how frightening – I think we both still feel 15 sometimes!). One evening her mom made a bacon and egg salad. I don’t know if it was the situation, the recipe or her mom’s wonderful cooking but this salad has always stuck in my mind.

Egg and bacon served on a bed of lettuce (with our yummy salad beet), add in some other salad treats (pepper, carrot, onion – the choice is yours!) and then drizzle in a warm dressing of mustard, honey and oil. I have used wholegrain but different mustards work well. Delicious!


Finally, no salad in our house is complete without a round of garlic toast! We are big fans of this pungent bulb, but garlic bread in all its buttery goodness is a rare treat. However, I learnt a trick when on German exchange that has become a staple food stuff for us.

Grab a piece of toast and rub a garlic clove over it before buttering as normal (warning – do not put the knife back in the butter unless you want some flavoursome marge!). Always a winner, though you might want to make sure everybody in the house eats some.



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6 responses to “Garden Salad and Garlic Toast

  1. isobel

    i have been ill for days but this makes my mouth water like it has never watered before … it looks a-ma-zing! you have to make this for me 😉 xx

    • Abigail

      Aw, hope you’re feeling better now. I’m sure that can be arranged, we’ve got enough ingredients! I’m hungry now! xxx

  2. Mommy

    I so love your garlic toast!!
    School puds – Remember chocolate crunch and pink custard – that is amazing.

    Mommy xxx

  3. Mum will be so pleased that you recreated her salad!

    p.s. I can’t make my fella eat salad either x

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