A Woolly Adventure

This photo just brings a smile to my face! I have to say I am currently bubbling over with love for this blanket. It is a source of joy and hours of my life are passing in happy hooking time. Let me tell you the story of where it all began…

It is January, 2011. I am fiddling with the contents of a box making a half-hearted attempt to find home for the paraphernalia within and I come across a crochet hook purchased to button me in and out of wedding dress. Inspiration descends. I am going to learn to crochet. Saturday comes and I positively skip to the local Haberdashery store. Bubbling with excitement I naively exit clutching my new purchases – First Steps in Crochet and a random ball of pretty wool.


Fast forward 6 weeks, some rather bizarre Granny ‘squares’, and the discovery of Attic 24 and I am a convert.


I know many of you are avid fans of the lovely Lucy and indeed it is to her that I am indebted for this scrummyness in my life. The first time I caught sight of her Summer Garden Throw I was caught. I wanted one of those!

I bought a stash of brightly coloured, and slightly mismatched, acrylic (I am afraid that budget does not currently stretch to yarn snobbery!) and off I went. 

Now, bearing in mind that this project was started within weeks of my learning to crochet, I have stumbled upon certain problems along the way. The first was the issue of ends… I dutifully carried my yarn along with me as you would in a single coloured granny square only to turn it over and spy some ugly, multicoloured pieces stretching over the corners.


Following internet research, I came upon this video posted on Ravelry about how to weave in ends as you go, neatly and securely. Going against my instinct to feign ignorance and carry on, I scrapped the project and started again.

Slowly it grew, one beautiful square at a time.

And grow it continues to do! Oh the happiness of seeing these flowers smiling up at me! The joy of feeling the warmth on my legs as I hook in another square!



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12 responses to “A Woolly Adventure

  1. isobel

    bought a tear to my eye … you are adorable! incredible blanket, i am so so impressed!! x

  2. Lovley lovely to visit with you and admire your beautiful blankie, it’s a stunner! And hey, nothing wrong with acrylic yarn, I’ve loved working my recent blankets in it…..I am so with you on the hooky pleasure thing, isn’t it bloody marvelous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wishing you many more hours of love and fun with yarn and hook

  3. me again…………….meant to give you a huge ((hug)) and thank you for your generous donation, which is how I came to find you here. THANK YOU ♥

    • Abigail

      My pleasure, I am so grateful to all of your bloggy support and inspiration! I am looking foward to embarking on lots more attic inspired projects! xxx

  4. that woman’s hair (on the cover of the crochet book) is literally something else. I love your blanket, as always x

    • Abigail

      You just don’t see that sort of style anymore!

      Thankyou, how’s yours going? I haven’t done anything for a week, just suffocating under school work. xxx

  5. Lynn

    I love the reason of your Inspiration to crochet. Finding the crochet hook you used for your wedding dress, that’s such a wonderful story ! Lucy (Attic24) is so fabulous , her blog & tutorials have helped me a great deal also ! God Bless & keep up the beautiful work !!

    • Thank you for visiting and your kind comments! It’s wonderful that such a little thing can change your life – I cannot imagine not crocheting now. Yes, Lucy is wonderful and her blog so inspirational. I will post about some of my crochet later. x

  6. lovely blanket, and so brilliant that you did this so soon after learning to crochet! Love the reason why you had that hook in the first place too.
    Glad I found your blog (via Attic24 by the way!)

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