Butterscotch Cream Pie

Today I’ve been working on a butterscotch cream pie to take to Abi’s for her dinner party this evening. It’s very rich, fairly gooey and absolutely yummy.
The inspiration for this recipe is from The Complete Book of Pies by Julie Hanson (Robert Rose, 2008). This recipe is different however, I’ve changed it as it was very ‘American’. Not all of the ingredients were available here -use single cream instead of half and half. I would also recommend adding twice as much butter and scotch to the pie filling, and decorating it with some chopped fudge and glitter.

This recipe calls for a pre-made base, which I can’t find in a supermarket here. It’s easy to make on from scratch however. Crush an entire packet of digestive biscuits (for this particular pie I would recommend chocolate or even chocolate and caramel digestives). Mix with roughly 250g of melted butter then press the mixture into a greased pie dish. Leave to cool for about a hour, then its ready to use.

This is a really delicious pie, and very easy to make. It has to cool, so I’d make it at least four hours before you need to serve it. It will keep for a couple of days if you don’t put the whipped cream on top, so you can make it ahead of time if need be, but it is best if served no more than a day after its made. If you have leftovers, it’ll keep as long as the whipped cream will.


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  1. Rosy Hill

    It was very yummy and beautiful sparkles, as ever! 🙂

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